Hello. My name is Arthur Broeders … or Thur, as my family and friends, and all folks in the south of the Netherlands at that, call me. Trained as an Art Historian at the University of Utrecht, I am working in the IT Industry for the last 25 years.

This is my latest: a clean, minimal, responsive, one-column WordPress theme.
Apart from this homepage (a mixture of ‘About’ and ‘Colophon’, lavishly besprinkled with a few, not randomly picked, video samples) you can explore a Blog, Flicks and Notes page.

Certainly, this is a living Blog. But first and foremost it came into being for the fun of struggling and building, and I am way too vain not to publish some results. That’s merely it.
At the moment no fallback for antiquated browsers or disabled Javascript is implemented! It works perfectly well on mobile devices, though.

A glimpse at a previous ‘Pretty Maids’ index!

Previous 2009 template



To power this fresh installment I have pottered a new ‘Pretty Maids’ WordPress theme, heavily inspired by the Eighties from the Mad Scientist Justin Kopepasah. Right up my street. And, like my ‘Pretty Maids’, build on the fabulous _S theme from the good people of Automattic.

I am still working on some glitches. A shoddy engineer, me, but that will keep me humming. Just like the Troublesome Thoughts about some of the nicer stuff simply not working on Mobile Devices.

Here is a very brief and arbitrary walkthrough:

The typefaces.

The Primary / The Chosen One:

Segoe UI

“In the beginning, there was nothing, which exploded.”

Next, for some incidental Notes or whatnot:

Gloria Hallelujah

“In the beginning, there was nothing, which exploded.”

And, to be used judiciously:

Carbon Type

“In the beginning, there was nothing, which exploded.”

I have stuffed the last one in my very own Typekit.

For optimal legibility the line-height is calculated, multiplying the base-size by the Golden Ratio:

html { font-size: 62.5%; }
body { font-size: 2rem; line-height: 3.23606798rem; }

The icons are from Font Awesome.

The colors

are brutally borrowed from the official WordPress color palette.

Some Goodies.

A parallax scrolling effect should be used economical, or better parsimonious, as well; hence only a, parallax scrolling plus rotating, header image on this very index page.

For the Flicks posts, full-browser-window screen-only video playing, I am utilizing the mb.YTPlayer for background videos plugin, created by Matteo Bicocchi. Do pay his mb.ideas.repository a courtesy visit.

El Ladrón de Caras video

El Ladrón de Caras text

● El Ladrón de Caras ●

is a VIMEO video
{ to be played at maximum volume }
chosen from the

Vimeo Staff Picks



A YouTube sample to follow …

● Rolling Stones ● Sister Morphine ● Amber Heard ●
[skinflick by Taysa Van Ree]



THIS was supposed to be an ORANGE sample page.
But I’ve decided that GREEN is the new ORANGE.
Thus introducing the fourth color, where ‘transparent’ is the Fifth Element!

the icons page