"In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded."

Soon for Sale: Godin 5th Avenue Uptown GT

Reflecting on some advice (thanks Rob): I am very likely going to sell my Godin 5th Avenue Uptown GT. I do not know if they still make the 5th Avenue Uptown in black, but I do know the Transparent Red is still selling. Mine’s black. So … what happened, huh?

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Boke’s ‘Marcus Miller Jazz Bass’

The header image is NOT an unintentionally blurred or otherwise failed f*&*%*$*#*@*d up photo. This is me taking a selfie, seeing myself reflected in the Glamorously Glossy Finished Body Backside of a new (my son’s) Sire Marcus Miller V7. Or, to be totally specific, the ‘Sire Marcus Miller V7 alder 4

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Twenty Nineteen

Now that was a major and heavily anticipated release: WordPress 5.0/Gutenburg. Iiiiiii love it. And I like the new Twenty Nineteen theme as well. That is: I do like the fact it is ‘WordPress5.0/Gutenburg’ ready, obviously. I like the strong looks; I do like the featured images, but they only

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WordPress 5.0 / Gutenberg editor

Heidelberg Printing Press by Hayon Shin – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0. WordPress release 5.0 en de Gutenburg editor! Matt Mullenweg (WordPress co-founder) presenteerde e.e.a. op de Wordcamp US in zijn jaarlijkse keynote address ‘State of the Word’. Boven vind je zijn referaat en hieronder tevens de Q&A na afloop. Matt Mullenweg:

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Previously On This Channel

Een hoop gepruts met achtergrond video’s. Vooral dat. Van respectievelijk ‘Kissed‘ (prachtig verhaal ‘We so seldom look on love’ van Barbara Gowdy; in 1996 verfilmd met Molly Parker en Peter Outerbridge – necrofilie, balseming, bizarre relatie – je maakt wat mee) en ‘The Hamiltons‘ (onderhoudende indie horror) had ik wat

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the boygenius girls

https://youtu.be/96wDhimQ6nw Geïnspireerd door mijn Jaarlijstjes 2018 hier de ‘Pitchfork Live’ concerten van Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus & boygenius. Geniet ervan … . https://youtu.be/fLYlYwoqeFIhttps://youtu.be/agawN3Nq5Nghttps://youtu.be/eKaZPlADyOQ

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I’m not talking about your pigtails

but I’m talking ’bout your sex appeal. Yesterday evening, before hitting the asphalt back home, I visited the AH store beneath the parking-lot, where these two young people, armed with a video-camera and blossoming smiles, tried to capture passers-by. Normally I would prefer having my head chopped off before …

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Frequently Asked Questions

and the obvious answers

What is that background video?

I am using the mb.YTPlayer PLUS v 3.4.0 Wordpress plug-in by mb.ideas (Pupunzi). All the background videos do come with a viewport Minimum Height 100 vh.

Yeah, fine, but ... WHAT is that background video?

Oh! Sorry. That’s ‘Curve of an Arrow‘, a video directed by Tasya van Ree, featuring Amber Heard. I am using these black&white ‘Amber Heard’ video’s regularly as some ‘Lorem Ipsum‘ placeholders, as it were. As a rule I choose ‘Blood Is Thicker Than Water‘.
Hmmm, usually I carry about a ‘Lorem Ipsum’ blogpost (‘I’m not talking about your pigtails‘), just because I like my story (I do) and I can use a Lonneke Engel image.
It’s all true.

Copyright issues then, maybe?

No, I do not think so. According to the European Court of Justice you may – without permission and attribution – embed public content. YouTube videos are lawfully public and intended for only one target group, the internet audience. As far as I understand, the American Fair Use Guidelines follow the same track.
When the video license reads ‘Standard YouTube license’ and Youtube’s share and embed features are enabled it appears safe to place the content on your site.  As long as you do not re-upload or change any copyrighted content.
Knock on real wood, this one!

What? No Parallax showcase anywhere?

Gosh, a Parallax showcase? Indeed, none. Correct!

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