Twenty Nineteen

Twenty Nineteen

Now that was a major and heavily anticipated release: WordPress 5.0/Gutenburg. Iiiiiii love it.

And I like the new Twenty Nineteen theme as well. That is: I do like the fact it is ‘WordPress5.0/Gutenburg’ ready, obviously. I like the strong looks; I do like the featured images, but they only work (for me) on the single-post pages, not on the blog and archives. And I really regret the default font choices, which is easily overcome.

But that is all personal taste, the theme works as a charm. So let the thoroughly testing begin … .

And I am happy with that, as it were.

Still using more Elementar Page Builder then Gutenburg at the moment, though.

The lady? You didn’t watch the 2014 flick ‘Unfriended‘, did ya? This is Blair, the cruel one, the bitch, and the final kill. In itself a strong image, though.

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