Soon for Sale: Godin 5th Avenue Uptown GT

Soon for Sale: Godin 5th Avenue Uptown GT

Reflecting on some advice (thanks Rob): I am very likely going to sell my Godin 5th Avenue Uptown GT. I do not know if they still make the 5th Avenue Uptown in black, but I do know the Transparent Red is still selling. Mine’s black.

So … what happened, huh?

Bought the Godin, some 6 or 7 years back, in a state … well … simply call it lust! I really wanted to start playing guitar again and this deed – the purchase – was all bloody whimsical / capricious. After 3 weeks (them somewhat years ago), fiddling around, I ‘hoarded’, if I may, my first Telecaster. And that was it: I fell – and still am (deeply) – in love! As the saying goes: ‘never looked back’, which is not completely true because I kept and keep staring, ashamed and guilty, at my unhappy black beauty, being untouched and undesired for so long. It is a bloody shame.

I do own 2 Tele’s now, the ‘faded sonic blue’ BAJA ’60s (Pau Ferro fingerboard) and a standard black MIM one (with a Maple fingerboard). Both sound and play great, fortunately.

So Bob’s my uncle. But … “what I really really want” … is something like a SERUS T Novo guitar, recent builds by Dennis Fano.

Look at that ‘Seafoam Green’ T-style beauty below! Doesn’t get any more beautiful, what? Costs a pretty penny, though!

By the way: I still not fully (or better ‘not at all’) grasp the ‘relic’ part of it. Bloody Why?

No hurries. I will shoot a few nice pictures of my Godin and I’ll put my offer on Gitaristenmarkt and Marktplaats, to begin with. Let’s see what happens.

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