The synopsis:

Educated as an Art Historian at the Utrecht University, I am working in the IT industry for the last 30 years. I did Cobol, Uniface, Oracle, Project & Service Management. Currently I am a dedicated Outsystems Engineer, a Web designer/developer and a long-time WordPress FanMan.

When I’m not engaged in my work I try to be immersed in (better: permanently spell-bound by) music as much as possible, being it passive or active, off-stage and sometimes on-stage

I am a Telecaster guy; I love reading Terry Pratchett; I love Breitner’s ‘Kimono’ paintings (the beautiful portraits of Geesje Kwak); at times I yearn for a nice Tawny (or rather still, a Late Bottled Vintage) Port(o), preferably adding some Stilton Cheese to the party (I am frequenting the gym 3 times a week, though: a question of balance, it is).

Ohhh yeah, and I listen to vinyl.

The geeky stuff:

My main Telecaster is the CLASSIC PLAYER BAJA ’60S TELECASTER®. She has an Alder body, is finished in a fabulous Faded Sonic Blue (which I really like), and has a Pau Ferro fingerboard. She has some four-way pickup switching with the extra in-phase/out-phase mojo … and the brass saddles.

It is a frivolous fact that Terry Pratchett‘s ‘Discworld series‘ consists of 41 books. I collected them. I read & re-read them, in a cyclic manner: when I’m done with the last one I simply (eagerly, happily) start again. And there’s more: in total my ‘Pratchett shelf’ weighs 68 volumes. A blessed and brilliant mind he was!

Spinning records: I own an original (aquired new in 2004, I guess) Technics SL1210 Mk2 (and a Lenco L78 SE, which I picked up in 1978). Heavy and Sturdy they are. Tools they are, not Toys. They do make me happy.

I could go on, of course, but let them thoughts be seeds for future writings … .

The content:

Sure, this is a Blog; there are Posts. Looking and acting a bit like a silly and slightly superfluous Static Single Page, though. Well, I wanted that! So still: a Blog. Please scroll down at your own pace! Have a go. Enjoy.

The small prints:

Pottering the new theme was – no more / no less – a jolly good way to survive the 2018 Holiday Season (I went to a lot of concerts too!) Just testing WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenburg Editor and all (being the new ‘Twenty Nineteen‘). Dropped the 2019 altogether – enter the oceanWP theme – and created blog- and  single-post-template with Elementor Pro.

The header image is NOT an unintentionally blurred or otherwise failed f*&*%*$*#*@*d up photo. This is me taking a selfie, seeing myself reflected in the Glamorously Glossy Finished Body Backside of a new Marcus Miller Jazz Bass.

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